Spire Studio

Spire Studio

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SPIRE STUDIO: One-touch professional recording 

Ditch the cables and record professional-quality sound with Spire. It’s the world’s first truly wireless recording solution that will have you recording in seconds. Edit, mix, and share your recorded songs instantly via a built-in Wi-Fi connection between Spire Studio and the free Spire app for iOS. Whether you're capturing a moment of inspiration or collaborating with bandmates, Spire delivers a new kind of recording experience.

Professional Quality

A built-in microphone and iZotope’s award-winning sound processing technology deliver professional-quality recordings. Explore your sonic possibilities with a wealth of studio-quality creative effects such as reverbs, delays, and amp models that help you dial in your unique sound. Two combination inputs with Grace Design noiseless preamps allow users to plug in their instruments and microphones with pristine clarity.

Simple, One-Click Recording

Now everyone can record music with professional quality on Spire, the simplest, most versatile mobile recording system ever made. Control your Spire Studio straight from the Spire app on your iPhone where you can record, edit, mix, and share. You don’t have to be a professional audio engineer to sound like one.


Spire Studio goes where you go, easily fitting into a small bag, backpack, or guitar case. Whether you’re in the living room or the green room, with your band or alone, you can record your music, collaborate with bandmates, and share your songs with the world.

Spire opens up a new world of music recording possibilities.


  • Internal studio-quality microphone for a professional sound

  • Automatically set recording levels with a single button to eliminate setup time and distorted sounds

  • Record with a wealth of creative effects such as reverbs, delays, and amp models with zero-latency monitoring

  • iZotope's award-winning intelligent sound processing technology gives recordings professional polish

  • Add depth to your song by layering up to eight tracks per project

  • Ditch the cables with a built-in Wi-Fi connection from Spire Studio to the Spire app

  • Battery operated so you can record for hours on the go

  • Grace Design preamps for pristine clarity

  • Two combo jacks for plugging in your instruments or mics with +48 V phantom power

  • Automatically sync tracks between hardware and software for seamless version control

  • LED touchscreen to adjust volume, record, mute, and delete tracks without slowing your creative flow

  • Intuitive mixing and editing helps create a polished song ready to share

  • Collaborate on projects with bandmates anywhere in the world — straight from your iPhone

  • Easily export your music to a computer or favorite audio editing software like Pro Tools, iMovie, and Logic, or upload to storage platforms like iCloud, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

Capabilities will also expand over time with continued updates from iZotope.


The Spire app requires iPad, iPhone 6 or higher and iOS 10 or higher. Download the app for free at www.spire.live/download.



Onboard custom-designed omnidirectional mic for perfect balance

Two XLR/TS combo jacks


Two headphone ⅛ in. outs


Two Grace Design mic inputs for pristine clarity and presence with +48 V Phantom Power


802.11 b/g/n with 2.4 GHz


48 kHz / 24 bit


6 hours of music recording time


Rechargeable lithium ion battery with over 4 hours of continuous use


  • Width: 4.36 in.
  • Height: 3.44 in.
  • Depth: 4.84 in.
  • Weight: 1 lb. 6 oz